Egils Levits Domestic policy
Latvijas valsts ģerboņa atveidojums koka krēsla atzveltnē

The President of Latvia, Egils Levits, has asked for a thorough examination of all circumstances related to the actions of State Police and Prosecutor's Office officials who, in the course of their official duties, were aware of the previous complaints about threats to the life of the woman killed in Jēkabpils.

At the same time, President Levits calls upon the State Police and the Prosecutor's Office to assess what internal operational changes or changes in external regulatory are necessary to ensure that similar cases with tragic and irreversible consequences do not recur.

Head of the Chancery of the President, Andris Teikmanis, informs about this in his letter to the Chief of the State Police Armands Ruks and the Prosecutor General Juris Stukāns.

As already reported, the woman had approached law enforcement authorities and provided information about the offences against her but had not received adequate defence and was killed.