Domestic policy Egils Levits
Veselības ministrs un Valsts prezidents sniedz komentāru medijiem

On 7 February, President of Latvia Egils Levits met with Minister for Health Daniels Pavļuts at the Riga Castle to discuss current pandemic statistics and ways to gradually lift restrictions as Covid-19 recedes.

President of Latvia and Health Minister discussed how Covid-19 Delta and Omicron variants affect the hospitalisation rate and determine government’s response and adjustments in pandemic management to accommodate the new circumstances unforeseen during previous waves. Egils Levits underlined the continued importance of personal protection and precautions. According to President, vaccination, boosters, mask mandate, hygiene and other safety protocols are still particularly important as we are yet to emerge from the pandemic.

Minister Pavļuts gave President Levits an update on current rate and statistics of the pandemic. As figures suggest, pandemic might reach its peak mid-February and begin to recede afterwards. Minister for Health underlined that Cabinet would begin to gradually lift the restrictions as soon as virus starts to recede. President Levits called for maximum transparency regarding government plan for lifting restrictions, so that those whom it affects would have the time to make relevant professional, personal and business plans.

VIDEO: President Levits’ and Minister Pavļuts’ post-meeting media statements