Andra Levite, Egils Levits, Vita Jaunzeme

‘Mankind has conquered nature and it is now our duty to take care of it and preserve it. That is our moral duty, and that is why we are here today,’ President of Latvia Egils Levits said at the launch of the Big Cleanup Day 2022 on the morning of 30 April, opening the big spring cleaning, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, as its patron.

Such grassroots environmental campaigns are, in a way, part of Latvian identity, as we can also see in the constitution, Satversme, that says we all must take care of nature and environment, stressed President Levits. ‘History, folklore and culture of our nation show that we have always helped each other with field chores. It is in our traditions that we have given to the world. More than 150 countries are now part of global spring-cleaning movement.  This grassroots movement is our gift to other nations that want to do more for their environment and nature. It is Latvia’s gift to the world,’ Egils Levits said.

President of Latvia and Mrs Andra Levite together with the staff of Presidential Chancery and Latvian Paralympic Committee will help clean up Bišumuiža, the location for the future Latvian Paralympic Centre.

‘Paralympic athletes are a constant reminder of what one can achieve if we put our mind to it. Let us today enjoy cleaning up environment and our surroundings, and let us enjoy each other’s company. This has got to be a great day! If your heart and mind is with Latvia, you will never pollute or do harm to it in any way,’ Andra Levite, who is also the patroness of Latvian Paralympic Movement, said to everyone gathered.

30.04.2022. Lielā Talka 2022 atklāšana