Egils Levits

President of Latvia Egils Levits has invited the best competitive and retired Latvian orienteering athletes to play orienteering game ‘Stars of the Riga Castle’ in the garden of the Riga Castle on 3 April. This is a promotional event for orienteering ‘Star Relay’ that will take place on 3 May and is held under patronage of President Levits.

President of Latvia will be joined by the ‘all-star team’ of the Latvian Orienteering Federation for the orienteering walk through the yards and garden of the Riga Castle. They will experience the joy of finding crimson-white-crimson control points using compass and map.

To mark the 60th anniversary of Latvian Orienteering Federation, LOF team will consist of athletes representing diverse age spectrum and members of LOF60.

Promotional event is open to media that are interested in finding our more about ‘Star Relay’ competition and would like to try their hand at orienteering.

LOF60 team will consist of 20 athletes:

  • Edmunds Tardenaks, member of the LOF founding congress in 1963, active member of the Federation, map maker and route planner
  • Rodrigo Slaviņš, long-standing President of LOF, winner of numerous competitions
  • Anna Slaviņa, orienteering legend
  • Lillija Metuma (Barisa), first Latvian Orienteering Champion in 1963, winner and medallist of numerous national, Soviet Union and international competitions
  • Arno Līcis, founder and long-standing manager of grassroots orienteering competition series ‘Magnēts/Magnet’
  • Alīda Ābola, first Latvian athlete to win medal at the 1989 World Orienteering Championship in Sweden, multiple winner of World Masters Orienteering Championships (World Veteran Orienteering Cup)
  • Edgars Bertuks, first Latvian World Champion (2012, Switzerland)
  • Ilmārs Limbēns, orienteering legend, member of multiple national teams
  • Indulis Peilāns, organiser of biggest orienteering competition in Baltics ‘Kāpas 3dienas/3day Dunes’, winner and medallist of numerous competitions
  • Elza Ķuze, rising orienteering star
  • Gunārs Ikaunieks, coach, organiser, orienteering enthusiast
  • Ritvars Ļepeškins, four-time winner of 2023 European Youth Winter Orienteering Championship
  • Madara Grauduma, winner of LOF competition ‘Most passionate orienteering athlete’, competed in 102 competitions in 2022
  • Jēkabs Graudums, winner of LOF competition ‘Most passionate orienteering athlete’, competed in 109 competitions in 2022
  • Dagnis Dubrovskis, LOF President
  • Gunārs Dukšte, Manager of ‘Star Relay’ competition
  • Līna Aleksandrija Dukšte, inspiration behind ‘Star Relay’
  • Ildze Straume, LOF Vice President, chief commissaire of ‘Stars of the Riga Castle’
  • Māris Strautnieks, O-cartographer
  • Ojārs Millers, LOF board member, photographer

‘Star Relay’ is a new orienteering competition format that will be rolled out for the first time ever one day before the Day of the Restoration of Latvian Independence on 3 May 2022 in Brasla woods of Gauja National Park. It is a relay that will start at 20:00 and will finish at the midnight. Teams of five will compete both in daylight and dark. President of Latvia will award the Cup winners and best athletes at midnight, on 4 May, after the finish. Updated information about the competition is available at and Facebook account


Additional information:

Ojārs Millers

LOF Chair of the Board

Phone: +371 2614 1414