Egils Levits
Valsts prezidents: topošajai Tieslietu akadēmijai ir jāuzstāda augsta latiņa
Today, President of Latvia Egils Levits had an online discussion with the President of the Constitutional Court Sanita Osipova and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Aigars Strupišs. Dialogue focused on different practical aspects of constitutional institution crisis response and other long-term initiatives for strengthening the rule of law in Latvia.

Egils Levits, Sanita Osipova and Aigars Strupišs underlined the need for well-considered and broadly discussed approach to continuous education of judges and prosecutors. Officials exchanged their views on the idea of creating a Judicial Academy. ‘Future Judicial Academy must meet the highest standards. It must bring new knowledge and skills to judges and prosecutors, creating a stronger institutional framework for rule of law in Latvia,’ President Levits said.

Further education of investigating officers was another topic of discussion. It was underlined that better education for investigators must be implemented strategically. Latvia must follow the most recent experience and best practice examples in the European Union. President Osipova underlined the importance of infrastructure and expert professors in educating judges who are crucial for ensuring the rule of law in Latvia. Work on the life-long learning for judges must therefore start immediately. Chief Justice Strupišs indicated that Judicial Council is ready to start working with identifying of future programmes and planning of the overall framework.

On the practical aspects of constitutional institution crisis response, President of Latvia once again reiterated the need to return to regular format as soon as possible. Participants also discussed the idea of creating the National Council to ensure that legislative initiatives are well-balanced in future. It has become even more apparent during this crisis that at times like these expert opinion on proposed laws is essential in avoiding hasty decisions.

Work of the economic crime court was another topic of the meeting. President informed everyone that he will be hosting swearing-in ceremony for the new judges of the economic crime court on 29th of March, and he hopes that judicial system will support the new court.

President of Latvia, President of Constitutional Court and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also talked about the judicial reputation. It was underlined that judges need to be more active in explaining the decisions in high-profile cases to the public.

Conversation also focused on strengthening of the oversight over the enforcement of judgements passed by the Constitutional Court.

Egils Levits also raised the issue of changing national case-law. According to the President, as society keeps evolving, new legal doctrines are introduced, which leads to new case-law.

22.02.2021. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits tiešsaistē tiekas ar Satversmes tiesas priekšsēdētāju Sanitu Osipovu un Augstākās tiesas priekšsēdētāju Aigaru Strupišu