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Egils Levits

On March 31, in Weimar, Germany, President Egils Levits with a lecture "Where is Europe heading?" participated in the closing event of the 23rd German Congress of Judges and Prosecutors. In his lecture, E. Levits discussed Europe's role on the global stage, the events that led to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, and how Europe and the entire democratic world should respond to Russia's hostilities in Ukraine.

Addressing more than 1500 judges and prosecutors from all over Germany, President Levits emphasized the need for an ad hoc international tribunal to try the crime of Russian aggression in Ukraine. "Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine must be dealt with in accordance with international law, so that it can continue to serve as a cornerstone of peace in the future," said E. Levits.

The President of Latvia pointed out that the argument that there was no precedent for such a possible tribunal and therefore it should not be established is not acceptable. International law is constantly evolving, and each new precedent is always a step forward compared to the previous situation. This must be the case again, emphasized E. Levits.

It is precisely the international community's indifference to Russia's previous invasions of Georgia in 2008 and Crimea in 2014 that has prompted Russia to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. "Therefore, the worst thing we can do now is to do nothing," said E. Levits.

In his lecture, Egils Levits also acknowledged that Western countries have now learnt from their mistakes regarding Russia and its imperialist ideology. "Only a strong and united West can confront an aggressive autocratic regime," said E. Levits, reiterating that the West must help Ukraine in every possible way to win the war.

Addressing the issue of European unity, the President of Latvia emphasized the need to strengthen the rule of law, which is a prerequisite for European unity.

At the end of his presentation, E. Levits also addressed the question of the future of Europe. The President of Latvia noted the need to strengthen European sovereignty in the military, technological and industrial sectors in order to reduce the influence of other countries and powers on the European economy and security situation.

E. Levits explained that Europe's security depends, firstly, on Ukraine's victory in the war and, secondly, on NATO's ability and determination to defend its territory. Therefore, investment in defence means investment in peace, said the President of Latvia.

31.03.2023. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits Vācijā, Veimārā piedalās 23. Vācijas tiesnešu un prokuroru kongresa noslēgumā, sniedzot priekšlasījumu “Kurp virzās Eiropa?”