Egils Levits
Cildinājuma raksts Pēterim Zvejniekam

President Egils Levits has presented a Certificate of Merit to Pēteris Zvejnieks, a surgeon living in the USA, who is continuing the Zvejnieks family Scholarship Foundation started by his father Andrejs Zvejnieks.

‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous scholarship programme started by your father Andrejs Zvejnieks and continued by you! The Foundation has given hundreds of Latvian young people the opportunity to get a good education. Young people educated by the Zvejnieks family Foundation serve science and serve Latvia. I commend you for your contribution to the youth of Latvia! I sincerely thank you for your work for the Latvian state!’ – said President Levits in the Certificate of Merit.

The Certificate of Merit will be presented to P. Zvejnieks when he arrives in Latvia this summer.