Egils Levits
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President of Latvia Egils Levits visited the University of Latvia Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (UL ILFA) today. During the meeting, Egils Levits emphasised its role in strengthening of Latvian nation and state. ‘Institute is a good example of academic excellence. Future our state depends on how well we know our roots and celebrate them. Customs contributing to our national culture are the basis and the purpose for which Latvian State exists. We have even set it down in our constitution,  Satversme. This is what makes UL ILFA so significant for our state,’ President said.

Administration of the Institute told Mr President about different strands of its academic work, paying special attention to research in traditional areas of human sciences and new interdisciplinary projects implemented by culture, society and environmental study department. Digitising of Institute’s collections, scientific communication and public participation in Institute’s activities was another big focus. Egils Levits praised digital collections stored on Institute’s online platforms like,, as well as civic engagement platform

Institute’s volunteer community grew considerably during the Covid pandemic. Volunteers spent the total of more than 40,000 manhours helping, for example, decipher manuscripts. Volunteers are a great asset for the Institute. This programme also has a far reaching social effects according to Institute’ staff members. Institute has also started collecting people’s diaries written during the pandemic to document the impact of Covid-19 outbreak on people.

Institute also follows current geopolitical developments and, when the war broke out, launched #ScienceForUkraine, an international support campaign for Ukrainian researchers and students, which has already been joined by 30 countries. President of Latvia thanked Institute and Sanita Reinsone, the Head of the Digital Human Sciences Unit, personally for this campaign. It is important for Latvian scientists to show their solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues and nice to see the rest of the world joining in.

University of Latvia Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art is responsible for research and education activities, compiling and publishing scientific articles, openly accessible collection of information and other references important for meeting international standards in such national human science disciplines and Latvian study areas as literature, folklore and art. LU ILFA also contributes to contemporary academic culture in Latvia, promotes interdisciplinary dialogue with peer organisations and fields of science, works with society, providing adequate insight into literary, folklore and art trends in Latvia. LU ILFA promotes Latvian culture and its profile both internationally and locally.


LU ILFA is also responsible for Latvian Folklore Depository collection, which is truly considered one of the symbols of Latvian national culture and largest folklore collection in the world.

01.04.2022. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits apmeklē Latvijas Universitātes Literatūras, folkloras un mākslas institūtu