Egils Levits
Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita apsveikums Rīgas arhibīskapa metropolīta Zbigņeva Stankeviča kalpošanas desmitgadē

Your Excellency,

My sincerest congratulations to you on ten years as Metropolitan Archbishop of Riga!

Your contribution and achievements over the years have been important not only for the Roman Catholic Church and Catholics but also for the whole society and the state of Latvia.



Latvian society is deeply thankful to you for your personal input in promoting ecumenism, which is so close to your heart. Latvia has traditionally been a place where various denominations have peacefully coexisted and interacted for the benefit of the whole society.

The successful cooperation between various denominations active in Latvia is a very good example of how to promote peace, tolerance and respect towards one another, and also find common denominators, such as helping everyone who needs support to get through difficult times.

More visible ecumenism and active dialogue with other denominations, including those who do not associate themselves with any particular religion, is the biggest achievement of your religious work.



Another important quality that I would like to specifically highlight today is your openness to dialogue with different groups of the society on various issues that are important for the whole society and development of the Latvian State.

One of the core elements of democratic society is respectful dialogue on important issues that concern that whole society. Ability to listen to others, present your opinion and convince others. Over the years you have become an influential opinion leader, somebody whose opinion is highly regarded and sought after.

I myself have enjoyed many interesting discussions with you about values enshrined in our constitution, values that are important for the Latvian State and long-term future of our people.



People’s trust and reliance on you also places are great responsibility on your shoulders. You have the opportunity to use your influence and words to promote greater harmony in the Latvian society and contribute to stronger Latvia and our democratic system.

Your work is a perfect reflection of deep patriotism you feel towards Latvia. You truly care about our country and its people. I highly appreciate your consistent support to values underlying the state of Latvia we find in Satversme and the way you communicate them and promote them among people of Latvia.



Next year marks hundred years of the de jure recognition of the state of Latvia by the Holy See, and six months later we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Concordat between the Holy See and the Republic of Latvia.

The Holy See has consistently supported the independence of Latvia for all these hundred years. The Holy See supported Latvia's national independence aspirations after the World War I, when we still had to win our freedom, and throughout occupation. Holy See has always adhered to occupation non-recognition policy.

Both of these dates are important for the Latvian State and its people. By marking these dates, we are promoting awareness about historical milestones not only in relations between The Holy See and the Republic of Latvia. We also understand more clearly how they have impacted the fate of our nation and will shape our future relationship with the Holy See.



I wish you many more fruitful years working for the common good of our people.

May all your ideas come true and lead to wonderful results. I hope your inspiration will never run out and you will continue to actively create new ideas and things.

Thank you!

26.08.2020. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits kopā ar dzīvesbiedri Andru Leviti piedalās Rīgas arhibīskapa metropolīta Zbigņeva Stankeviča kalpošanas desmitgades jubilejas Svētajā Misē