Foreign policy Egils Levits
No kreisās pie uzrunu pultīm: Egils Levits, Klauss Verners Johanniss, Gitans Nausēda, Andžejs Duda

Meeting between the President of Latvia Egils Levits, President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda, President of Romania Klaus Werner Iohannis and President of Poland Andrzej Duda took place on 25 November in Kaunas. The main focus was current security situation in Europe.

During the joint press conference, President Levits underlined the need to continue investing in defence capabilities and supporting Ukraine in diverse range of areas because it is fighting for European values. ‘Europe is not and will never be completed. It is a constant work in progress,’ he said.

President of Latvia also urged to continue building the political will for special international court with jurisdiction over the crime of aggression against Ukraine. ‘Today I met with like-minded country leaders but it is vital to also build more international political will for such tribunal,’ Egils Levits added.

Meeting of the heads of state resulted in adoption of joint statement on the regional security and European integration. Presidents agreed to coordinate closely their efforts to increase regional security and strengthen collective defence capabilities.

Statement welcomes the significant achievements of Ukraine in advancing on the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania confirm their commitment to strengthen joint efforts in supporting the European integration of the Republic of Moldova and welcome the progress made by the Republic of Moldova on this path.

Document underlines readiness to work with Georgia towards granting the status of candidate country once the priorities specified in the Commission’s opinion on Georgia’s membership application have been addressed.

Presidents also express their support to European Council decisions to accelerate EU enlargement process of Western Balkan countries based on their progress towards implementing accession requirements and confirm their commitment to strengthen joint efforts in supporting the integration of Ukraine with the Alliance and implementation of NATO standards.

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania will continue to promote Alliance’s political and practical support to Ukraine aimed at ensuring Ukraine’s ability to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Presidents confirm their readiness to further strengthen their coordination efforts in providing comprehensive political, military, technical, and humanitarian support to Ukraine and support upgrading strategic relationship with Ukraine, further advancing Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration, and confirm their unwavering support for Ukraine to become NATO Member as soon as conditions allow.

They also stress the need for further common efforts to shore up the security, stability and resilience of the Republic of Moldova, as an important contribution to increasing regional security.

Joint Statement signed by leaders of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania also indicates that countries will strengthen cooperation in fighting disinformation and Russia’s attempts to rewrite history and call on the international community to recognize crimes committed by the Stalinist regime, including the Holodomor of 1932-33 in Ukraine.

25.11.2022. Valsts prezidenta Egila Levita, Lietuvas prezidenta Gitana Nausēdas, Rumānijas prezidenta Klausa Vernera Johannisa un Polijas prezidenta Andžeja Dudas tikšanās Kauņā