National security Egils Levits
Egils Levits

Compatriots, fellow Latvians and residents of Latvia,

For Fatherland and Freedom!

Freedom Monument is adorned with statues of Latvian soldiers who fought for Latvia and its statehood in the War of Independence more than a century ago.

Freedom Monument is the epitome of our national aspirations. The national unity which helped raise the donations for the monument constructed later. At the Freedom Monument we gathered to voice our freedom demands. At the Freedom Monument we stand tonight as we celebrate our national freedom and independence.

I want to thank all troops for keeping the state of Latvia safe and secure! We must show our gratitude to those who serve to protect our borders. Hybrid attacks against Latvia, Lithuania and Poland affect all of us.

Together with its NATO allies stationed in Latvia, we defend our border, which is also the external border of the European Union and the whole NATO.

Unity is key not only for our national security but also the fight against the pandemic. We must act together to be able to contain the pandemic, and we will overcome the virus by working together.

Fellow Latvians,

Growing complexity requires greater unity. We know from our history that we are able to come together when the need comes, and this is one of such moments because we are faced with double crisis – Covid-19 and situation on EU’s external border.

We will overcome it together!

We can safely rely on our independence and security being fully protected. We have our troops, our border patrol and state police alongside us, helping each other.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone whose courage protects our country and its people. Thank all soldiers, border guard, policemen and medical professionals. May the warmth of heart light up your home tonight!