Egils Levits


I have always stood up for national and Western Latvia, for the values defined in the Preamble to the Constitution, the adoption of which I initiated in 2014.

With the current political composition of the Saeima, the only realistically possible coalition that can more or less guarantee such a national and, at the same time, the Western orientation of Latvia is the current coalition of New Unity, the National Alliance and the United List.  Therefore, after the 2022 elections, I was actively advocating the creation of this coalition, expecting from it the most ambitious possible reform programme. At that time, I believed the Progressives could also be included in this coalition.


Latvia's political course is significantly influenced by the country's highest official. This must be taken into account in the presidential elections.

At the moment, the coalition is split on this issue. The National Alliance and New Unity have supported my candidacy, while the United List and the opposition Latvia First support another candidate. No one has a clear majority.

In such a situation, there is a real possibility that parties which do not represent Latvia's national and Western course would have the decisive votes in the election of the President of Latvia. 

It would be naive to imagine that the votes of these forces would be cast on their own, without political intent.  There will be a long-term price to pay.

It would be a signal that, on an issue as important as the election of the President, pro-Kremlin and oligarch-connected circles could become co-determinants.

This will leave its mark on the position of the President of Latvia, making it difficult for him to represent Latvia's interests and to maintain a dialogue of trust with our allies. It will cast doubt on Latvia's political course.

In the fragile security situation in which Latvia finds itself, it would send the wrong signal to our own citizens, to our allies and to Moscow.


In 2019, I was elected for four years. I have performed my duties as President of Latvia to the best of my ability during this time. Given the support of the National Alliance and New Unity, I expressed my willingness to run for a second term. However, I reiterated that the coalition needs to agree on a common candidate.

Re-election for a second term is not an end in itself for me.

In view of the de facto coalition with pro-Kremlin and oligarchic political forces that are now emerging, I have decided not to participate in the presidential elections on 31 May.

I call on the other candidate supported by the coalition partner to do the same.  This will allow the current coalition to agree on a common candidate for the office of the President of Latvia in the interests of the Latvian state.

I thank the National Alliance, New Unity and all my fellow citizens who share my views on Latvia's core national values and our country's political place in Europe for their support.