Date 14 December, 2022
Location Riga Castle

2022 is a special year for the Latvian State as we celebrate the 100 years of our constitution, Satversme. Constitution determines the constitutional framework of the relationship between the state and church, as well as guarantees universal rights to freedom of thought, mind and religion. President of Latvia Egils Levits will host the Satversme 100th anniversary discussion focused on relationship between state, church and the people in a modern, democratic country governed by the rule of law.

Participants will include Dr. hist. Inese Runce, senior researcher, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia (UL), Dr. med. Artūrs Utināns, lecturer, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of Riga Stradiņš University, priest and Lic. theol. Mihails Volohovs, lecturer, Riga Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, Dr. iur. Jānis Pleps, lecturer, Department of Legal Theory and History Sciences of the University of Latvia, Mārtiņš Drēģeris, Communications Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Discussion will be moderated by Chief Editor of ‘Jurista Vārds’ Dina Gailīte.

Media opportunity: photos/video.