Jurmala Residence of the President of the Republic of Latvia is located between Majori and Dubulti on the very coast of the sea encircled by Jurmala dunes and pines. The building was constructed in 1971 and became the Residence of the State President of Latvia in 1993.

Jūrmalas rezidence

Photo: Edijs Pālens, LETA

A small green terrace overlooks the beach and the ever-changing sea imparts exciting beauty to the scenery and evens out the geometric simplicity of the architecture. Next to the terrace there is wild nature heather, blackberry bushes and simple rural flowers. A wide flat staircase surrounded by flower beds runs from the gate to the entrance into the Residence.        

The Residence has two and a half storeys. The ground floor overlooking the sea is used for meetings and official negotiations, as well as interviews and traditional discussions with the Prime Minister. There is a drawing room and private premises on the first floor.