Andra Levite
Valsts prezidents Egils Levits un Andra Levite piedalās atbalsta koncertā ukraiņu bēgļu ģimenēm ar bērniem "Palīdzi celties!"

Good  afternoon everyone,

I want to start by thanking the organisers and musicians!

And also mentioning some figures:

2 – 10 – 135 – 4,300 – 2,000,000

2: two Ukrainian refugee girls have been born at the Riga Maternity Hospital. They were delivered safely, professional doctors and nurses are taking good care of them, and yet they are seeing the light of day, for the first time, away from their home and their fathers. Because their home, Ukraine, is being bombarded by Russian troops.

10: Riga Maternity Hospital is also monitoring ten other moms-to be. They are in the pre-natal care, which they would rather receive in their hometown, with a father-to-be and other family members by their side. But Russian army is shelling Ukraine.

135: this is the number that brings up grief. This war has taken lives of 135 children. They died while at home, at school, hospital, on the playground and crossing the humanitarian corridor. They could have become scientists, gardeners, artists, pilots… . They could have been happy in Ukraine. Their souls are already judging the aggressor in the highest court of all. Because Russian military are bombing Ukraine.

4,300: 4,300 Ukrainian children have been born since the start of the war. They were delivered in basements, metro stations, shelled hospitals. Because Russian army does not spare ‘military targets’ like maternity hospitals when they decide to shell.

2,000,000: about 2,000,000 children have been displaced. They have lost touch with their relatives and friends, lost their home and school, playfulness and childhood carelessness, and sense of security and trust. Many of them never get over the mental trauma and  anxiety. Because Russia shelled their homes.

Child’s rights to education, health and life are protected by international law.

We must end this war and hold those who committed these crimes accountable.

26.03.2022. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits un Andra Levites kundze apmeklē atbalsta koncertu ukraiņu bēgļu ģimenēm ar bērniem