Egils Levits
Egils Levits

Dear Latvians!

Dear people of Latvia!

The President of Latvia has the task given by the Constitution - to promote the existence of a free, democratic and national Latvia throughout the ages.

I am for Latvia as a nation state. For a national Latvia, where the remnants of the Soviet occupation have no place.

I stand for the national language, for education in Latvian, for a unified narrative of Latvian history, for the recognition of our resistance heroes, for the Latvian heritage in our historical lands.

The security of Latvia has been the most important task of my presidency.

I have stood up for NATO's duty to defend every centimetre of Latvian soil.

For strong support for Ukraine.

For an international tribunal to investigate Russia's crimes in Ukraine, so that neither the order-givers nor the order-takers escape punishment.

I stand for a wise society.

For education and science, which are the foundations of tomorrow's Latvia.

I stand for a responsible civil society. For a society that values its country.

I stand for the interests of Latvians, Latvian citizens and our country always prevailing.

I stand for the preservation of Latvian identity. For the future of Latvia in the space of Western values and culture.

I thank the people of Latvia for giving me the opportunity to serve Latvia for four years as President of Latvia.

I thank all like-minded people, colleagues and supporters. I thank my critics.

I will continue to work for Latvia - as a responsible citizen of my country and a free person.

See you soon!

Long live Latvia!