Egils Levits
Egils Levits

Dear participants of the 5G Techritory,

It is my pleasure to address such an eminent public dealing with such a promising topic. Present history shows us how relevant this is.

As the crisis started in Latvia a lot of challenges linked with the use of technology appeared. Suddenly there was a tremendous need for transmitting data, say, for organizing teleconferences, for enabling schools to work at a distance, for medical doctors to have consultation through internet.

Still, one aspect has not been picked up sufficiently. In this case, preparedness was at the level of the technological infrastructure. Latvia was provided with a very wide 4G network on the whole territory. For this reason, I’m convinced that we must be prepared for the next challenges where we shall need an increasing demand of tremendous data amounts. There comes 5G.

For the first time, we will have several of the world’s most advanced 5G nations sharing one stage to share their vision and experience.

Each country will outline for us how the government and private industry are collaborating to enable new services for their citizens. 5G is not a goal per se. It must be an instrument at the service of the citizens whenever it is needed!

Therefore, the best use cases from each country will be presented not only for their technical benefits but also for the benefits that 5G brings to industry and society overall.

5G is more than a mobile network. It represents a new manner of thinking in a new era of connectivity. It has repercussions not only on internet speed, but on the whole economy. We are talking about intelligent systems, global collaboration for increased cyber security, facilitating green processes and the circular economy in manufacturing. We are talking also about telemedicine solutions.

You are here to find ways to work better together. Our challenge is to build a future that is more intelligent, connected, productive, but which stays human centred and environmentally friendly.

Today we’re celebrating not only the technological achievements of all of the countries present, but also their dedication to collaboration.

5G Techritory World Day is like a showcase. It will give a global state-of-the-art 5G technology and governance precedents. It will show the latest technology applications and use cases, with the goal to learn from each other. It will serve as a platform for policy makers, infrastructure providers and market innovation leaders to connect and engage in constructive discussions.

It is my wish that 5G preparedness meets the right opportunities for the good of everybody!

Thank you!