Egils Levits National security
Egils Levits

Mr Speaker of the Saeima!

Mr Prime Minister!

Mr Minister of Defence!

Mr Commander of the National Armed Forces!

Excellencies, parade participants, ladies and gentlemen!

A century ago, our ancestors won Latvia's independence in a difficult struggle. For the first time in history, Latvians got their own country. They laid its foundations, built it and made it their home. Today, we continue to develop Latvia.

The Latvian National Armed Forces are ready to protect our citizens, our nation and our territory. The home of us all. Latvia's soldiers and national guard are well trained, well equipped and loyal to their country.

We will continue to strengthen Latvia's defence and resilience capabilities. The resources of the country's armed forces will increase significantly in the coming years. There will be a State Defence Service and national defence will be taught in all schools. Our society will be more knowledgeable and more resilient to any threats.

We also need to strengthen our internal security - as consistently as we have developed our National Armed Forces. Our border guards, policemen, firefighters and rescue workers are on duty every day to make our lives peaceful.

It is a great pleasure for all of us to see so many dedicated young guards and future cadets from the Oskars Kalpaks School on parade today. You carry love for Latvia in your hearts.

The unity of the army and the people is of decisive importance, because we all stand together for Latvia.

Our western allies stand with us for Latvia. As then - in the War of Independence.

We are grateful for feeling safe. We know we can count on you. We highly appreciate your solidarity and commitment to the defence of our country!

Together with our allies, we guard the eastern border of the European Union, which is also the border of our country. It is also the border of freedom, national self-determination, the rule of law and democracy. Its security is important to the entire Western world.

Latvia supports Ukraine and its brave army and people. Ukraine is defending itself and, at the same time, defending us - the whole Western world, all democracies.

Compared to Latvia's capabilities, our GDP, we provide the most assistance to Ukraine. We are and will be with Ukraine, as long as it takes.

I thank everyone who is helping Ukraine.

The national will of Latvians is unwavering and eternal. Let us stand for Latvia always!

Congratulations to all participants and spectators of the parade on the 104th anniversary of the proclamation of the Latvian state!

Long live Latvia!

God bless Latvia!

18.11.2022. Valsts prezidents Egils Levits piedalās Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas dienai veltītajā Nacionālo bruņoto spēku, Iekšlietu ministrijas vienību un ārvalstu vienību militārajā parādē