Egils Levits Domestic policy
Valsts prezidenta kanceleja

On Friday, 28 May, at 8:30, Riga Castle, Council of the Memorandum of Cooperation ‘Computer for every child’ will meet for the first time to discuss various organisational matters, rules of procedure and current priorities with regard to implementation of the Memorandum.

Signatory parties of the Memorandum of Cooperation ‘Computer for every child’ have agreed to entrust the coordination of implementation activities to the Council, which is expected to meet at least four times a year, as necessary, to take stock of the progress in delivery of memorandum activities and produce recommendations for attainment of set goals.

According to Memorandum, President has designated his adviser for information and digital policy, Mrs Ieva Ilves, to chair the Council meetings in the first year of Memorandum. Council is composed of representatives from Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.