Egils Levits
Valsts prezidents Egils Levits

Good afternoon dear donors and viewers,

It is my great pleasure to say a big thank you to all of you today – everyone who has sacrificed  their blood to help their fellow men and women. Your enormous generosity and selflessness do a world of good for our public health and show that you are ready to help someone you do not know, let alone your family members or friends.

Blood is the symbol of life. And you, my dear donors, and your generous acts, give hope to patients and their relatives. Moreover, you help save lives when nobody asked you to make that sacrifice. I am absolutely astonished at the number of people who have stepped over the 50 donations threshold. It is unbelievable. Dear frequent donors, what you do helps restore faith in humanity and human kindness. I cannot thank you enough for that!

Let me also express my gratitude to the Blood Donors Centre. You consistently keep all your resources focused on keeping the national blood stock at the required level. Your are flexible and accessible even to your donors outside capital in regions. Your openness and dedication, commitment to keeping society up to date on blood stock and efficiency of the whole process is key. That is what we celebrate each year with concerts like the one you are about to hear today. Thank you!

Enjoy the wonderful performance. All of you really deserve it.