Egils Levits
Valsts prezidents Egils Levits

Dear teachers all over Latvia,

Thank you so much for keeping up the good work and professional integrity you have demonstrated since the beginning of this school year!

Times may change, but the mission and purpose of a teacher remains the same. Teachers will always be responsible for the upbringing of their pupils and the society as a whole. European education has traditionally been focused on personal development. Humans being the greatest asset to the society. In Latvia, it is also multiplied by the diversity of our national identity.

Great ideals give more meaning to everyday chores. Ideals give you strength and power to overcome various obstacles, including the ones our world faces right now.

Right now, your students and colleagues strongly rely on your empathy, your support and mental strength to withstand all challenges. Your mindset and actions determine what happens in your school and how that inspires others. Future of Latvia currently depends and relies on how well you use your skills and experience to provide contemporary education.

Thank you for sticking to teachers’ mission and your continuous service!

Congratulations on the World Teachers’ Day!