Edgars Rinkēvičs Regional visits
15.08.2023. Ziedu nolikšana pie bīskapa Boļeslava Sloskāna piemiņas plāksnes.

On 15 August, President Edgars Rinkēvičs visited the Roman Catholic Church of St Laurence in Stirniene and laid flowers at the memorial plaque of Bishop Boļeslavs Sloskāns (1893-1981), thus honouring his life and work.

"Having got acquainted with the life and work of the honoured Bishop Boļeslavs Sloskāns here in Stirniene, his world vision and greatness of personality, there is no doubt about the necessity to commemorate and highlight Bishop Boļeslavs Sloskāns in Latvia and also in the world. As a victim of Soviet terror, a survivor of torture and torment, and deeply respected in society in inter-war Latvia and later in exile, he was able to maintain a deep humanity and compassion, inspiring and uniting people not only in Latvia but also in Belarus, Russia and Western European countries. Therefore, it is gratifying that the Holy See has recognised the excellence of the life of the Venerable Bishop B. Sloskāns", emphasised President E. Rinkēvičs during his visit to St. Laurence Roman Catholic Church in Stirniene.     

For information:

On 20 December 2004, the Decretum super heroicitate virtutum, promulgated by Pope John Paul II, recognised the heroic virtues of Bishop B. Sloskāns, so that he could henceforth be called Venerable. Recognition of the heroic virtues means that the Holy See values the excellence of Bishop Sloskān's life (excellentia vitae) and considers it worthy of imitation. This is the first step on the way to the official canonization of Bishop Sloskāns. The Catholic Church's procedure requires two further stages: beatification, or recognition as a blessed person, and canonization, or recognition as a saint. Thus, Bishop Sloskāns is the only bishop of Latvian origin for whom the process of beatification has been initiated. Bishop Sloskāns was reburied in the crypt of Aglona Basilica on 10 October 1993. The 130th birthday of Bishop B. Sloskāns will be celebrated in Stirniene on 25-26 August this year.

15.08.2023. Ziedu nolikšana pie bīskapa Boļeslava Sloskāna piemiņas plāksnes