National security Egils Levits
Egils Levits nodod karogu

Esteemed Chief of Defence Staff, dear troops,

This is a big day not only for troops of the 2nd Regional Support Centre, but also the whole Lielvārde and Latvian Air Force, as well as Vidzeme and Latgale National Guard formations.

Latvian Armed Force Aviation Park, later renamed to Air Squadron, was founded as early as 7 June 1919. Latvian Air Force was restored by decree of the Defence Minister after regaining of Latvia’s independence on 17 June 1992.

Delivering of resources and infrastructure to Lielvārde Air Base, and Vidzeme and Latgale National Guard, has been the duty of the 2nd Regional Support Centre since July of 2004.

Over the years, Centre has become extremely efficient in taking care of the needs of Air Force Base and National Guard.

Communications, supplies, transport, technical support, maintenance, security and medical assistance are essential for armed forces.

And until now you have not had your own flag. A military unit becomes complete when it receives its own flag. And now you also have one, which has just been handed over to you.

Flags have traditionally played an important role for our armed forces. During the interwar period, Latvian army had roughly 40 unit-level flags. Flag is core consolidating value of the unit. Flag is the pride of an army unit, which must be defended by all means.

Flag has been created by the same artist who has made the other National Armed Force flags, the exceptional textile artist Ausma Apša. Thank you, Madam Apša, for all the hard work you have done to create this marvellous flag!

Dear troops of the 2nd Regional Support Centre,

Your emblem is based around a combat weapon, a sword, and crossed crosses, an ornament from the Lielvārde belt. There are three stars above the shield, which symbolise the three regions of Latvia. Wings located on the sides of the shield symbolise your affiliation to Air Force. The shield and the stars are enclosed by the oak crown.

Flag also carries your motto: ‘Waves of Daugava will rage on forever, as long as our spirit shall last’.

I hope you will carry this flag with pride high above your heads and never forget your motto!

May this flag become the synonym of the 2nd Regional Support Centre. May it fuel your fighting spirit and loyalty to Latvia!

God bless Latvia!