Egils Levits
Valstiskuma balva

On 21 August, at 12:00, Riga Castle will host the Statehood Award ceremony established by the association 4 May Declaration Club. Ceremony will be broadcast live on public media platform LSM.LV and recording will later be shown on Channel 1 of Latvian Television at 17:00.

Statehood Award is awarded by a jury comprised of Speaker of the Saeima, President of the association 4 May Declaration Club, President of the Constitutional Court, 3 members of the 4 May Declaration Club and three well-known public figures nominated by the board of the 4 May Declaration Club. The winner of this year’s award was decided by the jury on 29 June.

The aim of the award is to encourage respect and understanding for national statehood and the social and political significance of strong statehood in people’s lives. Statehood Award is presented to individuals who have done and continue to make great things for stronger statehood of Latvia. There is only one winner every year. The first Statehood Award ever was presented last year to Juris Rubenis, theologist, public figure and Director of the Institute of Integral Education.

The Statehood Award ceremony will take place at the Riga Castle. Award will be presented by the President of Latvia. Ceremony will be attended by Speaker of the Saeima and President of the association 4 May Declaration Club. Ceremony is traditionally organised on 21 August, the day of the adoption of the Law On the Statehood of the Republic of Latvia and anniversary of the de facto restoration of Latvia’s independence, or other national holiday specifically designated by the jury.

Name, surname and year of a winner are engraved on a plaque which is publicly displayed in the Saeima building.

President of Latvia is also the patron of the award.