Egils Levits
konkursa baneris

Year 5-12 school competition open to general, special and vocation education schools all over Latvia and in Latvian diasporas around the world will take place between 13 September and 13 October. Students are tasked with imagining themselves as the presidents of Latvia and writing a public speech for the 103rd birthday of Latvia.

Hundred years ago, international recognition of Latvia de iure completed the formation of our state. Latvia broke free and became an independent state, an equal member of the international community. Latvia demonstrated its intention to maintain diplomatic relations with other countries, its national aspirations and will to have own state. Breaking free is also what we need now. As a society, we all want to break free from the ‘shackles’ of COVID-19 and  put an end to this treacherous period for us all. It is rather symbolic that Latvian people need to be as united and committed to the common good as ever.

In the lead up to our nation’s big dates, Presidential chancery has traditionally invited 5th-12th year students to imagine themselves being a president of Latvia and writing a speech (up to 500 words) or recording a video message (up to 3 minutes long). This year’s theme is “I am the maker of Latvia’s destiny”.

Competition is divided into three groups: Year 5-6, Year 7-9, Year 10-12. Winner in each of these groups will be given an opportunity to deliver his/her speech at the concert marking the 103rd anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia hosted by President of Latvia at the Latvian National Theatre on 18 November.

Deadline: 13 October 2021.

Speeches and videos submitted for the competition will be evaluated by the President of Latvia Egils Levits and a special committee at the Presidential chancery: Natālija Knipše, UN Youth delegate from Latvia, Aiva Rozenberga, President’s PR adviser, Jānis Pleps, President’s judicial policy adviser, Rudīte Meņģelsone, President’s Media Centre communication expert and Ramona Umblija, Deputy Chair for administrative affairs of the State Heraldry Commission. Results will be announced on President’s webpage by 1 November 2021. Winners will be personally contacted by the Chancery.

Aim of the competition is to promote critical thinking, civic awareness, understanding of social equality and patriotism, as well as interest in Latvia’s statehood and institution of the president of Latvia, among young people.