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Chancery of the President of Latvia

Pils laukums 3, Riga, LV - 1900, Latvia
Phone: + 371 67 092 106
e-mail: info[at]


Head of the Chancery

Mr Arnis Salnājs

Phone: (+371) 67092106

E-mail: arnis.salnajs[at]


Deputy Head of the Chancery

Ms Egita Kazeka

Phone: (+371) 67092104

E-mail: egita.kazeka[at]


Foreign Affairs Adviser to the President

Ms Maija Manika

Phone: (+371) 67092194

E-mail: maija.manika[at]


Legal Adviser to the President

Ms Kristīne Jaunzeme

Phone: (+371) 67092111

E-mail: kristine.jaunzeme[at]


Economic Affairs Adviser to the President

Mr Andis Jēkabsons

Phone: (+371) 67092163

E-mail: andis.jekabsons[at]


Adviser for Constitutional Affairs to the President

Mr Jānis Pleps

Phone: (+371) 67092106

E-mail: janis.pleps[at]


National Security Adviser to the President and

Secretary to the National Security Council

Mr Jānis Kažociņš

Phone: (+371) 67092107

E-mail: janis.kazocins[at]


Press Adviser to the President

Mrs Kristīne Kļaveniece

Phone: +371 67092122

E-mail: kristine.klaveniece[at] / prese[at]


Head of the Secretariate

Mrs Laila Rutks

Phone: (+371) 67092101

e-mail: laila.rutks[at]


Head of the President's Protocol

Mr Renārs Vilde

Phone: (+371) 67092171

e-mail: renars.vilde[at]


The Clemency Board 

Phone: (+371) 67092116

e-mail: kristine.vilka[at]



Private Secretary of the Ex-President Guntis Ulmanis 

Mrs Eva Eihmane

Phone: (+371) 67092112

e-mail: eva.eihmane[at]


Private Secretary of the Ex-President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga

Mrs Daina Lasmane

Phone: (+371) 67092191

e-mail: daina.lasmane[at]

Home page of Ex-President Vaira Vike-Freiberga:


Private Secretary of the Ex-President Valdis Zatlers 

Mrs Zane Jurjāne 

Phone: (+371) 67092112

e-mail: zane.jurjane[at]


Private Secretary of the Ex-President Andris Bērziņš 

Mrs Daina Bāra

Phone: (+371) 67092186

e-mail: daina.bara[at]