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This year we mark 100 years of Latvia’s constitution, Satversme. It is a special moment for all of us. We can fully appreciate the moment only by reflecting upon the true significance and impact of this document on our lives. It is a document that stipulates the basic rules that govern our country at the highest legal level. It is also a document that is important for our everyday life and it determines how we interact. It is a set of basic rules that each resident of Latvia must follow. It also contains description of basic rights, freedoms and obligations.

Satversme is the core legal document that establishes the mandate of government branches and system of ‘checks and balances’. Satversme establishes the political system of Latvia, with main government departments and bodies, separation of power, which ensures the efficiency of decision-making and prevents abuse of power. It defines clear scope of responsibility of each government agency, and how these agencies collaborate. Satversme establishes the social structure of Latvia and how we live. It defines our values, national identity, goals. It supports our cultural advancement and protects the core elements of our nation state such as the Latvian language.

Egils Levits 

President of Latvia


Foto: Mārtiņš Lapiņš. No grāmatas: Latvijas Republikas Satversme. Latvijas Vēstneša Grāmatu apgāds: Rīga, 2012. - 69. lpp.

Presidium of Constitutional Assembly. Photos: Mārtiņš Lapiņš

Source: Satversme: Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Latvijas Vēstnesis Publishing House, Riga, 2012, 69 pp. 


Satversme 100th anniversary programme of Presidential Chancery: 

  • Time: 12:00
  • Venue: Riga Castle (in person) and live stream on, Presidential Chancery webpage and President Levits’  social media pages

President of Latvia and esteemed legal and political experts will attempt to give an answer to how Latvian language solidified the identity of Latvia as a nation state during two panel sessions of the discussion.

  • Time: 12:00

Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Saeima, will organise a special event marking the 100 years since adoption of Satversme. 

  • Venue: Riga Castle. The whole series will be broadcast on Presidential Chancery webpage and President Levits’  social media pages. Opening debate will be livestreamed on
  • Time: 14:00.


Series of conversations about legal dilemmas of Satversme will continue throughout the year and take place in all regions: Vidzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Kurzeme and Sēlija. There will also be a separate debate with diaspora youth. The closing event will take place in February of 2023, in Riga.

Series of discussions are organised by Presidential Chancery and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, NGO Quo Tu domā? and European Movement Latvia.

Debate on 15 February will be moderated by Latvian TV and radio host Toms Grēviņš.

  • Venue: Riga Castle
  • Time: 16:00
  • Venue: Riga Castle and live stream on Presidential Chancery webpage and President Levits’  social media pages
  • Time:10:30
  • During the interwar period, a number of new states formed, including Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. These new states needed new constitutions.

    German constitution is one of the most outstanding constitutions adopted during this period. It was the most forward leaning and modern of all constitutions at the time. German constitution had major impact on Latvian Satversme. Many scholars who had researched Satversme, and the authors of its text, have also recognised the immense influence.

    Special guest: H. E. Dr. jur. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany (“For Democracy and Freedom in Europe – Lessons from our Common Constitutional Tradition”).

    Working languages: Latvian, English, German.

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